A Sharp Miner. Для взрослых 21+ Англоязычный

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A Sharp Miner - это спокойный англоязычный сервер для тех, кому 21+. Дружелюбный сервер без лишней драмы. Заявка и все общение только на английском Rules: Common sense and be nice. I really hope I will not have to go into any more details. Don't cheat, don't abuse others, don't steal, don't destroy any blocks other people placed even if not protected, don't freak out, don't build close to others (check dynmap). Be positive. Remember, this server if for adults and I expect "Common sense and be nice" is more then self-explainatory. Application: In order to get access to A#m server and private A#m subreddit, please post your application at http://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=/r/asharpminer in following format: Year of Birth: Username: TimeZone: What do you do in real life?: Why do you want to join?: Have fun and BA#m! -Y


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